Our Team

Naturelink Landscapes & Design

Jeff Ugarte

Managing Director

Managing Director Jeff Ugarte, was born and schooled in Sydney, and attended University of New South Wales where he graduated with Bachelor of Building. After a few years in the construction industry in Sydney, managing various projects in the Sydney CBD, Jeff’s career evolved to combine his love of plants with construction, and in September 1999, Naturelink Landscapes and Design was formed. Jeff’s passion for the outdoors and his extensive knowledge of the building industry has been the true cornerstones and driving force within Naturelink. Jeff’s ability and desire to interact with everybody from trainees and apprentices to multi-national building directors is what truly sets him apart as a business owner.

Nicole Ugarte

Business Development Manager

Nicole plays a major role at Naturelink in sourcing upcoming projects, human resources, overheads, and overall financial supervision. Nicole grew up on the Gold Coast where she was part of her parent’s successful family business. Nicole utilized the general business knowledge and skills she had gained through her younger years, and together with Jeff, they embarked on their own business journey, forming Naturelink Landscapes and Design. Nicole’s love and appreciation of the outdoors combined with her business knowledge has truly assisted in the success of Naturelink from the very beginnings.

Nick Ugarte

Head Estimator

Nick was schooled on the Gold Coast and then attended Queensland University of Technology at Gardens Point in Brisbane where he graduated with a Bachelor of Design majoring in Landscape Architecture (Honours). After graduating, Nick combined his knowledge of landscaping and creative aptitude with his growing interest in the construction industry and business management. Nick shares his father’s interest in plants and passion for creating greener surroundings and has now found his niche working at Naturelink Landscapes as the Head Estimator along with a number of other roles such as contract administration, marketing and social media. Nick continues to play a vital part at Naturelink with his estimating ability and management skills on and off the field, securing over 100 projects with an accumulative value of over $17M.

Emily Ugarte

Estimating / Administration Assistant

Emily attends Southern Cross University in Coolangatta where she studies in a variety of fields, majoring in primary education. With a deep passion for nature and the outdoors, Emily sees landscaping as a field she would very much like to be a part of in the future. Her palette of skills in payroll, administration, accounting, and quantity surveying, sees Emily as truly valuable member of the team at Naturelink Landscapes.